Cubic Zirconia Capricornus Dangle Charm

Cubic Zirconia Capricornus Dangle Charm
Model No.: SS3762-10
Capricorn is the leader of the Earth signs. Here is a stabilizing force, one of the hardest-working signs of the Zodiac. Add this Capricornus Zodiac charm to your bracelet or wear it quite stylishly on a neck chain.
Size: 10.9*20.2mm, hole 4.5mm
Weight: 1.00 g
Material: 925 sterling silver,cz stone,plating platinum
MOQ: 2 Pcs
Stock: 39 Pcs
Qty.Range(unit) Price(per unit)
2 + US$ 4.48
10 + US$ 3.92
20 + US$ 3.64
Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Aries Dangle Charm No:SS3762-1   MOQ:2 $3.38 ~ $4.16Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Taurus Dangle Charm No:SS3762-2   MOQ:2 $3.64 ~ $4.48Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Gemini Dangle Charm No:SS3762-3   MOQ:2 $3.64 ~ $4.48Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Cancer Dangle Charm No:SS3762-4   MOQ:2 $3.64 ~ $4.48Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Leo Dangle Charm No:SS3762-5   MOQ:2 $3.64 ~ $4.48Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Virgo Dangle Charm No:SS3762-6   MOQ:2 $3.64 ~ $4.48Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Libra Dangle Charm No:SS3762-7   MOQ:2 $3.64 ~ $4.48Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Scorpio Dangle Charm No:SS3762-8   MOQ:2 $3.64 ~ $4.48Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Sagittarius Dangle Charm No:SS3762-9   MOQ:2 $3.38 ~ $4.16Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Aquarius Dangle Charm No:SS3762-11   MOQ:2 $3.38 ~ $4.16Order Quantity: 
Cubic Zirconia Pisces Dangle Charm No:SS3762-12   MOQ:2 $3.38 ~ $4.16Order Quantity: 

Product Information:

 1. Feature: Each 925 Sterling Silver European Style Capricornus Zodiac Sign Bead is made by high skilled worker, Perfect processing, 100% physical picture, fit perfectly on european style chains as well as our very own interchangeable bracelets, necklaces and bangles too.
2. Material: 925 sterling silver,cz stone,plating platinum
3. Capability: Top Quality, Large Stock, Quick Shipping
4. MOQ: 2 pcs, small order is available in the first business
5. Payment: TT, Western Union etc
6. Discount: Order more discount more, pls view our "Discount Policy"
7. Delivery
by UPS, DHL, Fedex or EMS etc, deliver time 3~15 days
8. Price List: Pls feel free to "Download Quotation" for more styles.

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